The lab welcomes students and researchers working on all areas of networked communications governance as students, research assistants, and network members.  We are interested in research relating to the networked governance of expression and censorship, telecommunications, broadcasting, new media, the internet, defamation, privacy, surveillance, and intellectual property, among other areas.

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Current research projects


The growing need to bring public attention to the stakes at play in current international copyright policymaking led to the founding of, a web site run out of the lab and dedicated to monitoring and providing insights on international copyright policymaking at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Crowdfunding culture.

The lab researches crowdfunding as a form of networked governance of cultural funding. With crowdfunding, private, rather than state, actors write the terms of service and contractual agreements that govern projects, while geographically dispersed private investors influence projects. We are researching the implications of the growing influence of crowdfunding on cultural production.


The lab examines privacy as a form of networked governance. This study will builds on previous studies of privacy (Westin, 1967; Nissenbaum, 2009) to reveal how privacy regulation is shifting towards networked governance, with accountability benefits and deficits.