Sara Bannerman  – Dr. Bannerman is Canada Research Chair in Communication Policy and Governance and Associate Professor at McMaster University. She is the author of The Struggle for Canadian Copyright: Imperialism to Internationalism, 1842-1971 and International Copyright and Access to Knowledge. Read more here.

Charnjot Shokar  Charnjot is a Communications and New Media M.A. candidate and a Research Assistant at McMaster University. He completed his B.A. (Hons) at Carleton University in Law, with a Concentration in Law, Policy and Government, and a minor in Communication Studies. His research interests include communications law and policy, media and activism, and sexuality and gender.

Ian Steinberg  Ian is PhD candidate in Communication, New Media and Cultural Studies at McMaster University.

Sumana Naidu Sumana is a undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Helath Sciences program at McMaster University.

Marcio E. Goncalves  Marcio is a Communication and New Media M.A. candidate and Research Assistant at McMaster University. Marcio holds a Master in Digital Media Design from Harvard University. His research interests includes digital media arts, virtual reality, copyright reform and other communication topics.

Past Associates

Brittany Green – Brittany is a communications and New Media M.A. candidate and Research Assistant at McMaster University. She completed her B.A (Hons) at McMaster University in Political Science and Communications and has a post-graduate certificate in Marketing Management from Sheridan College. Her research interests include public policy, communication law, and public consultations.

Coralie Zaza – Coralie is a current Research Assistant and Graduate student in Communication and New Media at McMaster University. She completed a Licence in Arts Management and Cultural Mediation at Sorbonne University in Paris, and worked for four years in the arts and music industry prior to her graduate studies. Her research interests are diverse and range from digital humanities and critical theory, to IP law and cultural policy.

Angela Orasch – Angela is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at McMaster University. Her dissertation examines the intersection of data, technology and urban governance in North American cities. Her research interests include the contemporary political economy of cities, theories of governance and scale, and critical approaches to political and economic geography.